We have developed a unique methodology to assist organisations to introduce and manage an intervention aimed at improving ethics and defeating workplace dishonesty and inappropriate behaviour. The first step of the process is the completion of our comprehensive e-survey by as many employees and possibly other stakeholders as may be appropriate. The results of the survey are analysed and populate the innovative Adams’ Ethics Pizza™ to create an ethics profile for the specific organisation. This indicates to what extent the organisation complies with each of the eight critical success factors that make up the “pizza”. The value of this process is that – like a SWOT analysis – it enables the leadership of an organisation to build on the areas where it is scoring highly and to introduce measures and interventions to improve the areas where it is not doing as well! We will then produce a detailed ethics improvement plan which will set out the interventions which we recommend should be undertaken to improve the organisation’s ethics profile. Some of these measures could be undertaken in-house while we could assist in presenting targeted workshops and facilitating focus groups. 

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Be Heard®Beheard is a leading anonymous and confidential reporting service which is totally independent of any auditing, legal or forensics firm. Apart from the corporate Tusker Package, Be Heard® offers an Ivory Package for medium sized entities who are committed to good governance but who either don’t need all the components of, or who can’t justify the price of the comprehensive Tusker Package.

Be Heard® also currently provides specific branded services targeted at specific markets such as Schoolsline, What’s Cookin’®, NPO-line, Associationline and Wheelsline and also provides niche in- and outbound services to specific clients.

This contact centre operates 24 hours a day 365 days and complies with international best practice in every respect.

Go to www.beheard.co.za or e-mail brian@beheard.co.za for more information on this solution and to request a copy of the latest version of the comprehensive e-bookManaging Outsourced Reporting Services Effectively which was written by Brian Adams.

Way To Go® is a unique outsourced exit interview service. Experience has shown that this function is greatly underrated as a means of gathering corporate information, not only of an unlawful nature but also in terms of other corporate dynamics such as sexual harassment, discrimination etc. This service is targeted at employees leaving an organisation as well as those transferred from one department or branch to another.

Contact Brian Adams for more information on this solution – brian@hbsolutions.co.za.